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In Banyan Tree World School we follow the unique system which is the best ever in the world for the best development and growth of the toddlers We are the only primary school in the world which has the best system in :
1)) Transition
2) Settlement &
3) connect
we have unmatched system and techniques for exploring the skills in the toddlers.
Banyan tree develops skill called ’HOTs’ which is the most beneficial part of the overall development of the mind & body of the child.This is the skill which is result oriented and proven. Also along we develop motor skills and the cognitive skills in kids.
Again, we have a unique system of academics for making kids learn different concepts and make basics absolutely clear.We call this method “5 days 5 ways Method”.


Nursery Class is the move class which shapes the key note for kindergarten while going for ideal advancement of youngsters. Fascinating educator guided exercises like singing, moving, emotional play, oral expression, narrating, casual physical instruction, the morning get together and the imaginative sessions open the youngster to a whole new world where learning is fun, energizing and something to anticipate. As the kid approaches the kindergarten age, formal preschool instruction is handled and a preparation for composing, number work and general mindfulness is step by step developed.


The Banyan tree school is outfitted with an assortment of materials and apparatuses for testing and learning. It establishes solid learning frameworks, advancing the tyke’s life, as he develops acquainted with his general surroundings. Phonetic framework for the letters of the letter set are taken after, which helps the kid to peruse all alone when he finishes kindergarten. Showing educational programs is so outlined as to make the learning procedure energizing, enlightening and participatory. Instructor’s contribution is add up to in each of our classes. Uncommon consideration is paid to all kids and frail zones are created and handled in a deliberate way.