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Banyan tree world school is the play group school in dehradun which running under the umbrella of Banyan Tree Educational and Welfare Society, Uttarakhand. We are the best play school in Dehradun which follows all the rules and regulations of education council. Banyan Tree World school has a very unique and modern techniques which are applied on kids for their effective development. Banyan Tree World School is the only pre-school in Dehradun which has “5 days-5 ways ” teaching method. Banyan tree world school has been ranked no.1 play school in Dehradun, for its holistic approach, new ideas and latest techniques. Banyan Tree World School is the only Primary School in Dehradun which has a blend of technology-based system and content-based system. It is the only Play school in Dehradun which develops all the necessary skills in kids.Our new and unique transition system for kids make us the best in the world. We are the only Nursery School in Dehradun which consider both age as well as mental level of the toddler and accordingly divide different groups. We are focused and determined for the development of the kids. Our slogan is “let the child blossom” meaning let the child get enough space to explore himself with the support of the teachers and other staff members and gradually excel at his best.

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02 -05-2018 -> Health Check-up Camp
03 -05-2018 -> Health Check-up Camp
09-05-2018 -> Tang Bang Party
12-05-2018 -> Olympiad Quiz Contest
12-05-2018 -> PTM Play Group & Nursery
13-05-2018 -> Mother's Day Celebration
17-05-2018 -> Birthday Celebration
19-05-2018 -> PTM - LKG, UKG &1st
21-05-2018 Summer Vacations

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